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Vincent Martin has been a working musician, composer, teacher, and engineer for over 20 years working with various artist and producers such as Chris Kirkpatrick(N'Sync), Star Nayea(Native American Grammy Winner), Kip Winger, John Alagia(Dave Mathews, John Mayer, Rachel Yamagata), OHNO, MABUS40, The Birthday Present. He is currently the bassist for the Dallas based Rock band, Aztec Milk Temple. He studied composition under Dr. Jerry Wallace while attending Richland Community College. His interest in Binaural Beat Frequency compositions has led him into a new discovery in the interactive properties of music and it's effects on the mind and body. He is working on a seven part composition utilizing Binaural Beat Frequencies and other various sound therapies based on Hans Cousto's, a Swiss Mathematician and musicologist, Cosmic Octave.

Vincent Martin

 Each part will be based on the the fundamental frequency of the seven main Chakras and there Planetary counterparts. He has been developing workshops with Mark LoPalo, Yoga Instructor-Equine Therapist, using sound therapy techniques and movement to assist in mind-body coherence. While traveling with Adnan Naseen Khan (AstralHawk Productions) to multiple countries and states assisting in video and audio production, he has been able to give his interpretations of his experiences through his compositions continuing to grow as an artist and human being.

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