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The Birthday Present

Vincent Martin - Music Projects

Binaural Beat Frequencies

A base frequency set to 194.18hz(Root Chakra). This frequency is based on Hans Cousto's, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist, research of planetary movements. His research unveils the relationship of universal movements to harmonics. I then incorporate a binaural beat frequency of .5hz(Deep Delta Brain State). The ear does not hear this frequency but the brain creates a phantom frequency which then helps entrain the brain in different states(Beta-Alpha-Theta-Delta). I embed these frequencies within an ambient composition tuned accordingly to help ease the listening experience. Listen with headphones/airpods at a low volume.

Astral Hawk Interactive

Audio engineer and composer for Astral Hawk Interactive. A video production company created by Adnan Naseem Khan based in Dallas. TX.  Adnan and Vincent travel to various states and countries capturing their visual and audio interpretations

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